How many Chapters/Episodes

Hi guys typically a story that’s not going to have a second part, how many chapters/episodes should the story be? I notice a lot of episode stories stop at 10 (obviously is personal preference but as a reader what do you prefer?)

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I like around 30 or more
Anyway short stories are not a problem for me as long it has my interest

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I was afraid you would say that (as I’m the same I like around that many too) I feel like my story will be too short… I mean I could alter it a lot from what I originally wrote and add extra scenes or events within the story.

But again don’t worry, It’s my opinion just. I would also read it if it’s interesting to me

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My opinion is that it depends on the story.
No one likes it too dragged out if it doesn’t fit into the storyline.
(Unnecessary drama or extra villains/problems appearing out of nowhere…)

It doesn’t matter how many episodes it has!
If the story is done in 3, 5, 10-35, 50, or even 100+ episodes then it will be, it’s the author’s choice after all.
If the story is good, and the lengths of the episodes are also okay, then it really doesn’t matter!!

I prefer: minimum 5, maximum 25.*
(*Doesn’t mean anything, I’ve read much more/less before so…)

I’ve never read a story above 60 episodes, only because I don’t have time/passes for it. But when it’s vacation time, people will read a bunch! :tulip:

But short stories are also really great!! I also love them because I can sleep in peace at the end of the day!! :sparkling_heart: :hugs: :joy:

Wow this turned out more than I had in mind… :sweat_smile: :heart:

I hope this has been useful! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


nah i dont care many episodes are there as long as the story is good and it’s perfectly finished.
But i always read stories with a lot of chapters like 25 or more so I always like to see more episodes :nerd_face:

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If you don’t think your story will get to 25-30 episodes, that is fine! You want it to end when it’s finished and the story is complete, dragging it out would dilute your story! I don’t believe a story can be too short, as long as the character progression isn’t too rushed, relationships don’t progress too suddenly. It’s the writing and quality that matters, not quantity! :two_hearts:

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My preference is 15-25. I usually won’t read anything over 30, unless the chapters are really short.

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Thanks guys… so what I’m taking away from this is…

Stories 10 Episodes/Chapters or less

  • Not too rushed
  • Longer Episodes/Chapters

Over 15 Episodes/Chapters

  • Don’t drag out
  • Episodes/Chapters can be somewhat shorter if many Episodes/Chapters

Personally I tend to grow attached to the characters of a good story, so longer ones always work best for me :sweat_smile:
But as an author you should make it however long you believe it would take to tell the whole story.

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Just do whatever works for your plot and story line. If you need only ten chapters to share your story then write ten chapters. If you need 60 chapters to write your story then write 60 chapters. Basically do what fits your story. Some stories are better shorter and others are better longer. Don’t worry about the reads, people will find and read a good story regardless of story length! You won’t be able to please everyone, so do you❤️

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