How many chapters is a good amount to create?

I am working on a story, and I definitely won’t be able to comit to 67+ chapters as I’ve seen in the portal. So how many chapters is the perfect amount? 15,20,25?

I would say for me it would be 25-30 chapters but it is really about the length and context of the chapters for me and others


That all depends. If you want a shorter story then I’d say 10 to 20 chapters or if you want a longer story I’d say 30 to 60 chapters, but you could do say 8 to 15 chapters or 20 to 40 chapters or even 80 to 120 chapters. Again, it all depends and what kind of story you’re doing. Now I personally wouldn’t recommend doing a story say with just three to six chapters because that could underwhelm readers.

It really depends on the storyline but there is one thing people don’t like which is short chapters. Regardless of how many chapters you do people want every chapter to last for at least 15 minutes. But like somewhere between 15-50 chapters. I know that’s a big range but yeah. I personally don’t like stories with a lot of chapters like 60 or 65+ because that means I have to put passes in and then wait for them to fill again so basically I can’t finish the story quickly.
But like I said it really depends on your plot and storyline. So don’t worry about it too much

I wrote an entire story in like 6 episodes :joy: I think it depends entirely on what kind of story you’re writing. Mine was a rom-com-y story that wouldn’t be a good fit for 10+ chapters.

But for things like drama/thriller/action/fantasy anything between 15-30 is a good range. The thing to focus on is how does each episode further the story? At what point do you feel your episodes just become filler to make it longer?

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Honestly all of those are fine (15, 20, and 25). Do how much you think you can handle. Good people will support you no matter how many chapters you make. :blush:

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