How many characters

I need help, How many friends should the MC and LI have? And what about background characters, How many?


That all depends on u love.

But if we’re talking cliché then two friends for the MC, along with a crazy bestie and a group of friends for LI.

And with extras. As many as u want/feel up to.


I have 2 Bestfriends for the MC, Just cause shes famous and only keeps a little amount of people around. LI has 1 main best friend and then hes gonna have like 2 other close friends.


I think it honestly depends on the character are they more of an extrovert then obviously they should have more friends and if they’re more introverted they should have fewer or even one close friend.

As for background characters it depends on the scene, is it a more crowded place? Etc.

Good luck~


But this is all up to YOU.

You don’t need to have too many characters but it all depends on the scene like @kurosai said.


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