How many choices do you prefore per line in chapter

so basicly how many lines do you want to go between each choice, excluding lines in choices

  • 100 lines
  • 200 lines
  • 300 lines
  • 400 lines
  • 500 lines

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I don’t really think of how many lines I’d like in between, more like if the situation offers a choice. I wouldn’t add them for the sake of it with little things that don’t matter to fill a line quota. :wink:


Agree with @LillyR
It doesn’t matter how many choices u put, only if they really matter.

I don’t mind if there one per episode or two/three or more.


I agree with @LillyR there’s No need to put a choice in just for the sake of it, if you’re gonna put a choice in it’s Much More fun if it affects the plot or the relationship with another character. Clothing choices are fun aswell. Sometimes I just put 1-2 choices in a Episode and sometimes 4 or More, sometimes I don’t Even put Any choices At all in it, it really depends.

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@LillyR @xinxmyxeye yeah but it depends on people. i personally like a lot of choices even though they dont really matter. i kinda fell like a lot of small choices there dont really do anything let me control the story more than a story with a few choices there control a lot.

personally i try to have balance between the two some matters a lot and some just change a few lines


You’re right it does just depend on what you like. For me I prefer smaller amounts of choices that have an impact. If there’s lots of little ones that don’t matter I feel like I’m just mindlessly tapping through a script, but if there’s small impactful ones I know that the story is taking a certain path cause of the choices I made.