How Many Choices Should An Episode Story Have?


Hey ya’ll, what’s up? My name is Dasha!
So…I need some help from you guys. I would like to know how many choices an Episode story should have. I don’t want to have too little or too many, so let me know in the comment section below.

  • Dasha :blush:


I would personally say at least 2 meaningful/ non-dressing choices.


Honestly it depends on how the story flows, like if it’s very story-type and you can follow it I forget about choices. If the story is more choose your path then at least 2 meaningful choices, I’d say. (If you get what I mean :joy: )


as long as the story is good I dont care that much for choices


Yeah, I sometimes forget to put in choices in my stories…sometimes I don’t want to. I like the way I settle my plot, lol.


Honestly, I don’t really care for stories with too many choices and too many outcomes. I love stories that already have a definite plot. I don’t mind playing/reading stories the way the author intended for the readers.


@GabbieC I never even realize if a story has choices or not…I’m just into the plot already. :joy:


Exactly! I get into a story and it’s getting really good and then the story just pauses on me! And I start looking around like, what just happened? And then I remember, I have to make a choice to see what happens next! I don’t even realize it either, have the times! :grin:


Tbh, who cares about the choices? As long as the story’s good, Idc about the damn choices.


Lol, okie! :joy::ok_hand:


Two or three are good.


Then you should read mine, lol!