How Many Choices Should An Episode Story Have?


Hey ya’ll, what’s up? My name is Dasha!
So…I need some help from you guys. I would like to know how many choices an Episode story should have. I don’t want to have too little or too many, so let me know in the comment section below.

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I would personally say at least 2 meaningful/ non-dressing choices.


Honestly it depends on how the story flows, like if it’s very story-type and you can follow it I forget about choices. If the story is more choose your path then at least 2 meaningful choices, I’d say. (If you get what I mean :joy: )


as long as the story is good I dont care that much for choices


Yeah, I sometimes forget to put in choices in my stories…sometimes I don’t want to. I like the way I settle my plot, lol.


Honestly, I don’t really care for stories with too many choices and too many outcomes. I love stories that already have a definite plot. I don’t mind playing/reading stories the way the author intended for the readers.


@GabbieC I never even realize if a story has choices or not…I’m just into the plot already. :joy:


Exactly! I get into a story and it’s getting really good and then the story just pauses on me! And I start looking around like, what just happened? And then I remember, I have to make a choice to see what happens next! I don’t even realize it either, have the times! :grin:


Tbh, who cares about the choices? As long as the story’s good, Idc about the damn choices.


Lol, okie! :joy::ok_hand:


Two or three are good.


Then you should read mine, lol!




The Episode guide gives you advice on this-according to it,

And two negative things for a choice are:
E) BAD: Contradictions
It’s awful to have a choice where you say “Don’t date” and then the character goes on a date. If you find you have to disagree with a choice a player made, it’s a bad choice.
f) BAD: Complexity
Avoid choices that actually change your story drastically, unless it’s the end of the story. It’s difficult to write and often gets complicated and goes wrong.

You can check all this out on Extra tips; from there, click Quick tips and Episode tells you some tips on how to write a story.

The Episode guide is an amazing tool for directing & writing stories.

Good luck xoxo

Good choices to make