How many Custom Backgrounds/Overlays do you have? How many is TOO MANY?!

Hellooo all!!! Soo, quick question. How many Custom Backgrounds/Overlays do you have?? I, for one, am addicted to submitting Backgrounds & Overlays… is there a limit or can you have as many as you want?? :thinking: Should you NOT submit soo many at once? :thinking:

I’ve got 37 backgrounds and 52 overlays.

I’m pretty sure there’s no limit. As for submitting too many at once? Not sure. I submitted 24 of my overlays at the same time on Tuesday and they were all approved yesterday, so if that’s anything to go by I’d say there’s no problem submitting multiple overlays at a time, but it’s probs a pain in the butt for whoever has to go through approving them.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I did 46 in one go poor episode staff


46 Overlays Or 46 Backgrounds?? o__0

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Overlays and I did like 30+ background to submit

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Haha, Nice! :joy: :+1:t3:

:joy::joy::joy: I know right the poor episode workers