How many episodes do u need to write to publish


on the mobile verison u have to have a certain amount of beats but i dont know how many episodes or lines u have to make on the writer portal verison


400 lines , 3 chapters :upside_down_face:that’s all


400 lines per episode or all together??


Per Episode
But you can’t publish if you don’t have 3 Episode with each 400 lines
(400 lines is really very small)


tysm i understand now <3


at least 300 lines and 3 chapters from when I last checked


Lol,I really need to work on ma English :joy:
Glad you did :wink:


hahaha ur english is just fine! XD


400 lines , right?

:joy:Haha :sweat: thanks​:upside_down_face:


i think it might be 400, 300 sounds too short??


idk I’m almost done a story my groups bout tok publish it and we have 300+ lines for each


Actually 400 is also short , ma story (which is totally flop😑) had 1250 lines , and people said that it was short




Maybe it got to 300 , I didn’t go for write from 3 months :sweat:


1250 is actually long because if u make it way too long people just get bored really quickly 1250 sounds great


my group is going to slowly build up the length once we get more into details and the juicy plot twists


juicy plot twists i love that :joy:


I think 1500-2000 is ideal length

4000-5000 lines are call been long


1500 sounds good for me :joy:


Juicy plot twist :yum: that’s a nice idea
I am gonna start a new story too , and if I make it complete quicker , it will be in thriller contests as entry😪