How many episodes do you play before stopping?


I have so many questions since I’m hoping to post a story either today or tommorrow. How many episodes do you play before saying to yourself ‘nah this is absolute trash’ and never visit again?

Do you give autthors a chance to build suspense like maybe 4 episodes?

or you’ve made up your mind on the first episode?


with me, i try to lead up to all of my situations, like i want to introduce my characters through dialogue and not narration if that makes sense. lol. i’m really confident in my work so i never think it’s “trash” i just think some things need improvement :slight_smile:


I never make my mind up within the first episode. I’m always open minded when it comes to stories because I know it can sometimes take a while to build up the story’s atmosphere and learning about the characters. If the first 3 gained enough of my attention but I’m still on the fence I keep reading a few more chapters. Unless it’s totally boring, offensive in some way or doesn’t make sense I usually give it a fair shot.


Yeah, I’m the same. I usually give it 3-4 chapters if I think it might get better or I’m interested in the story, but I have stopped reading after the first episode before because I didn’t find it interesting and/or I couldn’t get into it. The majority of the time, I do give it a few chapters, though.


Also do y’all prefer episodes that are already finished or slowly updating?


thanks for replying. I definitely agree with you


thank you for the reply




I don’t really mind to be honest, but I very slightly prefer finished stories because I hate being left on cliff hangers :joy: I will read any story though


It depends on the story- usually, I do the first episode, and I’ll only go to the second if I liked it or feel like I need to read on a bit longer before deciding. First episodes generally tend to be make it or break it for me though. Also, I prefer to have completed stories over updating ones, but I’ll read an updating one if it’s good.


It depends on a lot of variables for me. If the directing, grammar, etc. are all bad, that’s they type of story I’ll quit within the first episode. But if it’s only one or two things that are clearly just a mishap (for example, a scene were the zoom is off but everything else is fine), I’ll continue.

If I’m struggling to enjoy the plot, I usually will give it three episodes to really decide. But mostly what happens is I’ll find a story description that really pulls me in, but when I start to read it I’m just not connecting, so I leave it in my favorites and plan on returning to it when I’m in a different mind set to see if I feel differently about it. So I guess I never really fully quit a story.


Honestly it happens to me quite often that I don’t even finish the first chapter. When a story begins with some long, bad narrated presentation, has many spelling, grammar and directing errors, unnecessary author remarks and it’s either a copy of a trending story or I just have no idea what the heck is it about, I won’t read it for more than two minutes.
If the story is kind of interesting, I usually read 2-3 chapters then decide whether I want to continue or not.


i always make up my mind on the first episode. you either hook me with it and i read through, or you’ve lost me within seconds.


I will read 2 or 3 but can usually tell within 1


That’s why when I help new writers I say your first 3 have to be perfect because it doesnt matter if they get better at 4 because we have already switched off


i think 4!