How many episodes do you think a story should have?

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My only question is how many episodes do you think a story should have? I’ve seen many stories that go to at least 100 episodes and I just see that as to worn out for me. My schedule is too busy to be able to read a 100 episodes with only 4 passes every 3 hours.

I decided to roughly allow for the story I am working on to have 10-14 episodes overall and that’s it. I was wondering if others found this to be a good number as well?

I believe it is but at the same time I believe that it would make the reader feel as though they don’t know what is really going on and jumping into a story. I just wanted to get the opinion of others.




I prefer stories I read to be over and done with within 20 episodes since I feel like they drag on too much once they go beyond that… But my story’s probably going to be double that so who am I to judge?


10-20 episodes but it kinda depends like a slow burner romance might be like 40 episodes.

What story has 100 episodes :fearful:


When it comes to my favourite stories, the ones that really got me invested in the characters, the shortest one I have is 35 episodes, the longest is 50.

It also depends on episode length, but all of those were about average length, 10-15 mins ish.

Then again, I’m very slow to bond to characters lol.


Thanks so much for responding :smile:. I definitely agree with you on that. I have read some that’s like 25 but that’s the furthest I’ll go as well. Some stories I feel drag on and become cringy for me.


Definitely! And yeah I guess I’m one to read horror stories on episode because the romance makes me sad lol. Makes me wish I had my own lover.


Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: I think 50 is the longest of episodes I have read as well.

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Yeah haha, I think I’ve only once read a story longer than 50 episodes, I dropped it at about 60 lol. I’ve seen a few that are still going strong by the late 40’s, but it’s definitely a skill to keep the plot fresh for so long. There’s no way I could write one that long and not bore the heck out of everyone lmao.



It kind of depends on the story.

If I’m invested in it from the beginning, then I’ll read as many episodes as they come out.
But if I see a story that has 40+ episodes and I haven’t started reading… I might give it a miss.

If the story has very short episodes (5-10 mins), I’ll be more likely to read more chapters of it as they come out.

If the story has 3+ seasons, then I might give it a pass.


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10-14 episodes is a good amount since you will focus on the main parts of the story and won’t drag the story on. good luck in continuing writing your story :blush:

however, for me I like when the stories are around 20-30 episodes (if the story is really really good, I would also read more than 40 episodes). it always depends on the plot and if I made a connection to the main characters!

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I think 20 episodes is a good number. 30-40 episodes maximum for any story, otherwise people lose interests. They are better off doing a Season 2 after 40 episodes. I have never seen a story with 100 episodes thank goodness!!!


I think that’s a good number! I usually like around 20 episodes, but if it’s a really good story I’m fine with it pushing 30 or 40. However, if it is that long I don’t want it dragged out so it purposely will be that long, and if it’s shorter (like 10), I don’t like it being all jumpy, and I want to know the story. So, I guess it kind of just depends…

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20 -25 is how long my stories are. I don’t like extremely drama stories. There is a plan that I always follow.

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Hey! Thanks so much for commenting. I definitely agree with you and see your point. I will also make it so that I will read your story! Sounds great! Thanks again!

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Hey. I have no idea why they removed your comment. I am just now reading it. I can still view it but idk if others can. I’m sorry it was flagged I really don’t know why. But I’ll give your story a read when I can.


Heyy. Thanks for the feedback. I also agree I think everyone is mainly on the same page when it comes to reading stories and that makes me happy. I will be sure to add your story on to my reading list!

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I think 10 minimum, 30 max. If it has multiple seasons then maybe 10-15 episodes per season.

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yeah, you are right! :blush:
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