How many episodes do you think a story should have?

For me it has to be longer. I dont like a story that is 10 chapters long because you can finish it in one day once its fully released. I’d say have more chapters then 25 so the reader has some more time to read.

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It’s ok I thought i just misunderstood something lol. Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot :kissing_heart:

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I think that a story needs at least 15 chapters because it would feel too short otherwise.
In my opinion it also depends on how long each episode is.
But if a story has more than 40 chapters I usually give up reading after ~35 episodes if the story isn’t very interesting. :sweat_smile:
The story just shouldn’t feel like it’s too rushed or too dragged. :woman_shrugging:

For me, it really depends on the story…I would read a finished story with 10 episodes and one with 50 but also like you said 100 episodes are too much. I would probably loose all interest tbh :smile:

Anyway, it would be great if you could read my story!

Title: All The Lights
Author: annawepisode
Description: When I met Ethan Wood I fell in love with him. But can our love and happiness take all the pressure we have because of his career and even my past?
Chapters: 11 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Important Info: 1. I am also doing R4R, if you are interested please fill out the form in my IG bio!
2. I also do splashes, covers, edits etc, you can read more about it here: Edit Requests (OPEN & FREE)

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