How many Episodes per season?


I am creating episode splashes for writers to use in their stories, for our website and we are wondering how many episodes per season is typical for most writers?

We are currently set at 15 but I don’t know if that is too many or to little.


I would go for between 20 and 30. It’s up to you :slight_smile:


From stories that I’ve read, I think you’d need to go to at least 20.


Oh wow, I have like do like 10 per a season . . . rip.

I agree with above, 20 - 30 is a good amount, but I think a huge factor is your plot and if can stop at that moment.


same. Mine is gonna be 10 episodes per season, but it all depends on the plot. :heart_eyes:


I think the amount of episodes per season depends on your story. It is a case-by-case thing.


This isn’t based on a story.
I am creating splashes and just wondering how many episodes per season individuals would typically write.


I’ve noticed about 10 episodes per season


Really, it depends on the story and its plot. If you think 15 is ideal for your story, then go with that. If not, try a different number.


I would just like to state once again this isn’t for a story. It was just for a general ball park field for a typical story.

I am making resources (splash backgrounds) for writers like yourselves to use in their story for our resource website.


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