How many episodes per story?


I’ve just published the first 3 chapters of my story but I was wondering how many episodes people think there should be per story? I’ve seen some finished by the 21st chapter and others still going strong at 50-60 chapters long. I’d just like to know what people would be happy with as there is a significant twist in my story but I don’t want to bring it into the story too soon if people are expecting quite a few chapters.

Many thanks!


I like when there are 35-42 chapters per story


Depends on the plot and whether its there, but I like to start a story that has at least 15 episode +, with more episodes coming soon.


I really like short stories with only a few chapters, but I’m also fine with 20-30 episodes. I usually start losing interest after the 40th chapter and no matter how good a story was, I always stopped reading it when it went above 50.


It depends on the plot and whether or not you’re dragging the story on. There are a few stories that I’ve had to stop reading because they kept going on and on and on and on and on and on… you get my point lol. As long as you’re not beating a dead horse and your chapters are still enjoyable, I think you’ll be fine. :blush:


I agree


Thank you all for the replies! I’ll work towards around 25-30 then :slight_smile:


Depends on the story.
Some start dragging after 20 or so episodes.
There are also some stories that are long, but keep your heart racing even after 70, 80, 90 Episodes.
It depends on the story and the author.


I prefer 20-30 episodes :gift:


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Some stories seem to wind down at less than 10 chapters but some are designed for a lot more. I know that is not really helpful, but my point is that it depends on the story. I don’t mind stories that have a lot of chapters, if there is a lot to say.


I think it really depends on what type of story it is… Like, if it is comedy or something, I feel like it would get boring after like 20 episodes (just my opinion lol). But, if it is like drama or something and there are a lot of secrets that need to be uncovered, then I think I would prefer it to be longer…


I don’t start stories that are already longer than 20 episodes. However, I’d say go for plot, not length. Stick with however many episodes you need to round out and complete your plot, no more and no less. When people aim for a minimum length, they tend to fill their stories with unnecessary filler and it ruins the pacing.


Thank you, that was what I was afraid of doing; aiming for a set number of episodes but having to make ‘filler’ episodes just to reach a certain length. I’ll go with quality rather than quantity :slight_smile:
By the way, I love your username!