How many episodes should I make

How many episodes do you guys like to read because I have a few ideas for a story I’m writing and I think it might be around 30-40 episodes or so plus I plan on making a spin off with the MC and LI which would be 15 episodes or so and yes I know exactly what’s going to happen from episode 1-50 do you think it’s a good idea to make a story this long? I’m going to do this either way because I had this story idea in my head for a while and I really want to write it for me and maybe other people.


I personally just like 10-15 episodes, maybe 20. Otherwise I find it hard to find a good 50 chapter story, and honestly I just feel like if an author can get the story in 20 episodes, I would prefer that, but then again it’s your story so do whatever you want


it kind of depends on how motivated you are to keep writing but also how interesting and ongoing the plot is. if it is really good, then you can probably do around 40-50 chapters, as there is a lot to cover and maybe a lot of cliff hangers or something. But yeah it is completely up to you. there are some really amazing stories i have read which have had about 50-70 chapters.

Ok. I have all 50 chapters planned out. Also I had this story in mind for so long and when I started writing I wanted to do it 24/7 but of course I had to do other stuff like homework and sleep :joy: and I do have a couple different plots that will happen throughout the story of course I will do one at a time.

for me it depends on the writing skill more than number of chapters - I myself will have over 40 episodes - I have really complex plot with lot of twists and it will simply not be possible to reduce it to half than the story would be rushed.

On the other hand sometimes reather simple plot (nothing wrong about that) might feel too long even in 20 episodes.

hmm…interesting I actually have it vice versa - lot of the shorter stories around 15 and less chapters seem to me often having too simple not so interesting plot.

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