How many guys are on the forums?


I know that there are some guys here, but I mostly see girls. Don’t worry, this isn’t a dating thread lmao, I’m literally just curious.

So if you’re a guy, comment here because I feel like y’all are hiding or something

Im new to the forums AKA the cake festival
BOYS! I wanna see how many men are in the episode forums community!

I know 7 of them…


Wow I know like 2


Lol really? I got 2 broTars and 1 step dad and those others are my friends lmao




I literally only know @Episode.Cameronwrite and @Adam.Epy


There is also @FinnTheGhost. But I don’t know many others LOL


Wow I really think we should have more guys here


I know 4 more…




Orrr wait 5 more!


Imma tell my little brother to join the forums


They are my broTars


And I forgot I know there is more But I forgot…


My little brother is making an account right now


Tell him to talk to me cuz I am the coolest of em all :sunglasses: lol jk jk


What about secretz…? Is secretz a guy? I never asked but I’m pretty sure lolll


Yeah I forgot about him… Ups


But still @AnonymousAuthor1 I’ll like another guy friend lmao how old is he?


Jesus I sound like a creep. :joy: