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I wanna read “Hale Huna”, what’s it about?


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Oh, here’s the description

Kendall’s dad decides to move her and her brothers to Hawaii. She soon discovers she has the key to a world beyond her imagination…and secrets about who her mother really is…

Basically, Kendall moves to Hawaii, meets 2 guys who tell her about something they saw years ago. She discovers Zailia, a magical world filled with fairy tale characters and other mythical beings, and finds out there are legends about a ‘chosen one’ destined to defeat the evil witch Lucinda…

It tackles real life subjects like suicide, self harm, sexual abuse, but doesn’t take it into too much detail.


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No worries!


So, it’s fantasy?




I don’t read fantasy stories often. It sounds interesting!


Well hopefully you’ll like mine. I mix real life with fantasy! it’s also a romance


Ooh, cool!


stop asking epople to be your dad.


I already did . Why are you so angry lol . :slight_smile:


when did i say i was. just stop spamming people to be your dad. it’s classified as offtopic go to an adoption thread or something :v:


Wow you wrote that so well.