How many Italians are there in the episode community?



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Già ti seguo :joy:

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Tu come ti chiami?

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Lucy Dea

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My dad has some Sicilian ethnicity. It isn’t Italian, but it is close and since most people don’t know about Sicily, they often just conflate them lololol even my mom. Its whatever.

Anyways, my granny was straight outta Sicily. She was one of the darkies, from an African village, so… Do with that what you will I guess. I like talking about my family ^^ lol

And that’s the only remotely that area is involved with me hahah

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I’m confused😅, what nationality are you?

I’m 1/4th Italian :joy::rofl:

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Bello,and what are your other origins?

I was born in Scotland but I have ancestors that come from Ireland, Italy and Canada

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How beautiful

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What about you?

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I am Italian and a little Venezuelan in origin. But I don’t look Italian in appearance😂

That’s amazing, I’ve never heard of that place Venezuelan

Nobody looks Italian, believe me :rofl:

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But I have a snow-white complexion, here in Italy they have olive complexion😂

Not everyone is olive skin

My uncle, one of them anyway looks more like he could easily be from Africa


Don’t forget that Snow White is pale skin

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Yes im pale😂

Your Snow White or Elsa

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