How many layers do you use on Ibis paint?



Hey, how many layers do you use on Ibis paint? I’m new so I don’t really know what would be the minimum as my art is getting really laggy from too many layers!


Honestly, it depends. If I’m doing a character edit, I use 5-15 if I’m doing a full out drawing or coloring an outline, I usually use +25.


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I haven’t even finished the skin let alone the hair and I’m on the 19th layer! Its getting reaaaally laggy!


Maybe you might want to merge some layers after you’re certain you won’t need to be editing them anymore! Just make sure not to merge them into the outline layer


Hey! I tried to merge the skin with the contouring but when I do, it disappears! So I’m not sure!


I use the following layers:
The outline itself
About 4 for the hair, 1 is the basic color, the other 3 are contouring and structure
The face I use about 5, 1 the basic color, 1 for contouring 2 for the eyes, 1 for the lips
For the body I used another 2, color and contouring
Then about 3/4/5 for clothes, depending on what I want
And usually there are are more details in the outline so probably another 3/4 layers for that.
So, a total of at least 18 and a maximum of 21


It really depends on what you’re doing and how detailed. The most layers Ive done so far is 36 lol


Also a tip I’ve learned as a beginner is to name your layers, helps me keep track


Did you have anything selected when you did this?


I selected the layer that I wanted to merge! :sweat_smile:


For my work I have to have at least more than 10 layers. My layers may have more than thirty depending on what I work on.


Does it get very laggy?


I’ve used 46 layers once.


Ooof your work must’ve been so laggy to do!


It doesn’t get laggy unless your take Nighty’s advice to make your canvas much bigger. For me it gets laggy to use 4000X4000 that’s why I use 2000X2000 it’s not laggy.


Right now im using 2100X2100 and the lag is really bad!! I’m on the 22nd layer!


idk What to say. What are you using?


Its probably my iPhone lol, but thanks anyways! When you merge layers, does it disappear?


It doesn’t disappear. The layer that you merge will stick with the layer that previous. I’m bad at explaining


No you’re not, you’re actually helpful! When I merged my layers, its seem to vanish, maybe because I blended it…