How many lines are recommended for an episode?

Hey, I’m trying out my first story and after 3 days of straight work I got to 1000 lines. Still on the first episode but I was thinking, should I make the other two starting episodes 1500 lines? My first episode is now 9 minutes long, as I time it after each day’s work. Should I go on a bit more or work on Episode 2?

It depends on the use of overlays/ directing commands.
My episodes average out to 3000-3500 an episode because I use way too many overlays and such
I think with normal directing the average amount should be about 1200-1500
It’s mostly personal preference!

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I do use zooms, have choices and I’m planning on using overlays. I’ve been making my own covers and backgrounds so that’s taken away from most of my work time. I’m getting back into writing after about a year so I wanna come in with a bang. Do you think I should finish the scene I’m on or just do a few more? I’m waiting on a background and overlay for a different scene and that will add an extra 100 lines. Thank you for your reply as well!

i’d say around 1100-2500 :thinking::upside_down_face: