How many lines do i need in one episode?


How many lines do i need in a episode


400 lines


No perfect amount but I think 500-900 or 600-900 is a good amount :slight_smile:


you NEED 400 but most people prefer about 1000 or 1500


but don’t stress about lines, most people prefer 10-15 minute stories so as long as your story is within that time range then readers don’t mind


Thanks, i was just wondering because i’m on line 500 and its just the customizing part


oh, lol we’ll make sure you continue your story after customization cus the first episode is the plot and that helps the reader see if they’d want to continue .


new pp?




How many lines would 10-15 min be?


omg I love it!


You can’t really say… you’d have to time it. I have 800 lines in one of my episodes but it’s betweem 10-15 minutes. It all depends, i suggest you timing you story yourself and seeing if it fits that 10-15 minute time period.


thanks girl! :sob:




Ok, because I’m writing a story now and it’s only 200 lines now, and it’s with 2 minutes. (it has a lot of advanced directing)


yeah, if you have a lot of advanced directing then it’s more minutes lol, i use a bunch of advanced directing / zooming that’s why i have 800 lines and it’s 10cminutes ,


Yess, it takes up so much of our time, but it is worth it


What are some of the stories you wrote i would love to read them on my phone


Love Has No Color (personally you should read this one )
No Choice but Murder :slight_smile:


i will defenitely check it out