How many lines do i need in one episode?


How many lines do i need in a episode


No perfect amount but I think 500-900 or 600-900 is a good amount :slight_smile:


you NEED 400 but most people prefer about 1000 or 1500


Thanks, i was just wondering because i’m on line 500 and its just the customizing part


new pp?


How many lines would 10-15 min be?


omg I love it!




Ok, because I’m writing a story now and it’s only 200 lines now, and it’s with 2 minutes. (it has a lot of advanced directing)


Yess, it takes up so much of our time, but it is worth it


What are some of the stories you wrote i would love to read them on my phone


i will defenitely check it out


No problem!


Love the new profile picture :smile:


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: