How many lines do you do?

So, I’ve been writing for awhile and I’m just wondering how many lines do you do because I always sometimes hear that some readers have complained about how short the stories are.

I write about 2,000 lines and a bit over.

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For Twelve I write like 6000 without the overlays and customization 🥲

And for my other stories, like 1500

i write about 1,500 lines w/o CC but my story uses zooms, OLs and speechbubble so my time is usually 7 minutes


about 1000 lines

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What the heck! 6000 :frowning:
:clap: :clap: Just applauds
Authors do NOT get any notice on how much time we spend on each episode

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Crazy. :flushed: I just about struggle around 1,000

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Wowzies! I never knew that much! :frowning:

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I feel like it’s a lot ngl and sometimes I’m like: I hope we won’t bore them.

Totally true!!

With just the raw dialogue, I’m usually about 1500-2000 lines. Codes without CC, I’m usually anywhere between 8,000-12,000, and an addition 10K for CC.

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