How many lines do you recommend a story has?

How many lines should a story have on average?

I’ve seen people post at the end of an episode that their story is “1200 lines”
Writing my first story that seems like a lot. I have many choices and lots of conversation going on and am no where close to 1200 lines. Send help!


I always have around 2000 lines but I have a lot of directing


I would recommend instead of focusing on line number, read over your story and time it. The number of lines isn’t always a good indication for a story.


I agree with Jem, because depending on how much directing and branching you have, a lot of lines (more than 3000) could equal the same as a 400 line episode lol. Saying that though, my first story had an average of 1000 lines in each episode. Some had a little less and some had a little more and not once did anyone complain it was too short or too long


Yes I think so too!!:hugs: just look at the time!!:wink:

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I also agree with Jem. :smiley:
Timing the episodes is better. I say it because I time all of them, some of my episodes last the same time even with different amount of lines.


I think 2500 - 3000 lines is a good ammount of lines, but our stories have more than 5000 lines in each chapter because of directing, mini games and stuff.

In fact we have a story, that the first chapter is more than 10000 lines.

Anyway, if your story doesn’t have that much directing and includes more dialogue then 3000 or 2500 lines are perfectly fine.

It also depends on the story.