How many lines? I’d love to hear everyone's opinion :)

info Writing my first story, EXCITED! But Idk how many lines…
A lot say that

“3k is 10-15 minutes long and is comfortable to read”

I do use:
Costumizing (also the name),

I was wondering what do you guys think is a comfortable length for a story? Knowing I’ll do/use all of that?

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I’d say about 3000-4000 lines because of the zooms,choices,customizing, and the name. Just my opinion :smile:

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It really just depends on your story, how much directing and how much branching you have.

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I agree with @amberose, cause it can depend on your directing skills, how much costumization templates you put and etc.

Usually the first episodes are the most long, (not by time, by lines) cause you have to put the templates and introducing and all.

ps. My first episode for the AW: contest is long 6568
But even if it has a lot of lines, it’s still very short. these lines are so much, bcs there are 4 CC templates, +labels, gains and minigames and I let the readers decide their gender and their love preferencies!

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And I’m going crazy, cause Idk if I’ll make it in timeee!!!

I feel that if you have 1k-1.5k of Dialogue excluding all the other things you should be good

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Thank you for letting me know! I think, I’ll do that amount of lines…:slight_smile:

I’ll definitely keep it in mind, I don’t to do to much or so… so thank you!

I do know it depends on several things, so I never expected a clear answer of course but I just wanted to have a direction, to how much or so. Thank you for the info, it was very helpful actually and you actually also gave me some ideas! Thank you again :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it helped!