How many lines in 1 episode?

please help me with this I just don’t know how many lines are good enough for each episode? I feel like 500 lines is way to less but how much is enough ? how much lines do you guys write for one episode? I alway hit the 1000 lines with ease how ever there is a lot of directing in it

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I’d love to help.

I usually write 2000 to 3000 lines. I’m not sure if that’s enough or too much but it usually includes the viewer being able to choose their name and edit characters.

If you need help with writing or coming up with ideas I’d love to help, though!

I hope that’s helpful…

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depending on how many directing your first episode will be/take. I stop to 400 lines, but it all depends on the directing.

If you have a lot of directing then u can stop to maybe 100- to 2000. I guess.

I personally think 1000 lines is perfect for an episode, 400 is very little and too short. Especially if their is alot of directing


I usually go for 500-3000 lines, at most. In one of my episodes of a story I’m currently writing, the character customization template took up 2000 lines all by itself :joy:

Less than 400 lines = way too short, in my opinion, unless your story has a bunch of episodes (<45 episodes)

1500-2000 with directing included. i always set a minimum number of lines goal before writing an episode which is 1500, if that’s not enough then i can extend it up to 2K lines and that gives around 10-20 minutes of episode gameplay which is ideal timing.