How many lines in an episode story?

Hey I’m writing my own story on episode. But as it is my first story on episode, I don’t know how long it should be. How many lines do you recommend?

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I think the best length would be an episode of 10 to 15 minutes - so about 1000 - 1500 lines if you’re doing advanced directing (spots, overlays, CC etc.) or 800 - 1100 lines without overlays, spots or CC templates

Thank you!

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np :grin:

It depends on dialogue amount and directing
Some more dynamic stories are fine with 7-8 minutes long episodes.
Im writing fantasy, so its about 10-12. I use advanced directing, so as I counted I have around 340-420 dialogue lines, and overall with directing 2000-2500.

ok, thanks! What’s your story called?

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Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three

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