How many lines of code does everyone write per chapter?

hey guys im in the process of writing a story and i just wanted to know how much other people wrote per chapter!

also does anyone have a rough idea of how many lines of code would result in a 15min or longer chapter? x


it depends on what you are coding e.g. are you animating an overlay? are you creating a mini game? are you making a cc template? this can take you from 3-5,000 lines.

i have a 15’ episode that has moderate advanced coding meaning spot directing/ zooming/ animations for every single character and mostly is dialogue and it’s around 1080 lines. plus, i tend to merge all the actions together in one line so it saves lines.

What Makes Line Amounts Vary

It depends (:

Sometimes a chapter can have lots of advanced coding but not much dialogue (:

For example =

A scene without advanced areas of coding could result in around 100 lines or so but…

With advanced, it could quite easily double the amount of lines (:


Character Customisation can take up loads of lines (Around a few thousand)

Advanced Coding/Directing
  • Advanced zooms/pans
  • Mini Games
  • Choices that matter
  • Tappable Overlays

Overall, it all depends on what u are planning to include in your chapter. If u are planning advanced directing, then u can expect to use quite a few thousand lines but if u are not, they u can expect to use a few hundred or so (:

It all depends on what you are adding but the best way to find out is to preview it either on your phone or whatever you are writing on and time the whole episode (tapping at an average speed?)