How many lines should an episode be?

hi! so i’m writing my second episode story (the first one was a game though… so idk if it counts?) and i was just wondering how many lines it should be? it’s currently 3012 lines, but that is including dara amarie’s female customization template. when i play through it, it’s about 10 minutes. is that long enough for a first episode? or should it be longer? ty!

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That’s pretty perfect for a length, in my opinion anywhere between 10-15 minutes is a great length (:


oh okay cool! ty <3

You’re welcome (:

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Ten minutes is a good amount of play time but anything above 20 minutes makes most readers lose attention. Also you shouldn’t judge by lines. Lines vary from author to author but a good 1000- 1500 is considered what you should have at least. But it depends on how advanced your directing is. And it also depends on your reading speed and how much they are getting for the pass they use to read. If it is ten minutes of absolute cr*p to make it fit a ten minute slot then it really is not worth it. I would make a varied amount of people read it who you think will give you honest feedback.


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