How many lines should I average?

My first 2 chapters have averaged out to 1000 lines and about 8 minutes of read time. Chapter 3 is about 1500 and averages about 10 minutes. I’m a little more than halfway through my fourth chapter and I’m aiming for around 1600-2000. What are your thoughts? I personally don’t like chapters that are over 12-15 minutes because sometimes I have to stop reading and come back to it.

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You seem to have about the write amount. It’s kind of finding the balance between too short and too long.

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Right* I was thinking of writing lol.

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10-15 minutes its good!
Not too short si that the readers don’t feel they’ve wasted a pass

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I cannot tell how long my chapters are by the lines. Like in one story i was writing it had 10,000 lines but was only 5 minutes long. So i think you should ignore the lines and just time yourself reading it. Ultimately around 10-15 mins is good.


I agree. There would be so many lines, but it’s not that long.


Exactly. Because some writers include branching, advanced directing, advanced overlays etc. And that alone gets them like 15k lines.

I usually write all my dialogue down before coding so i can actually see how many lines of it i have.


In my opinion chapters should not be under 10 minutes - because readers migh othervice feel they do not get enoug for the passes.

But is is really more like a personal choice.

There are several poles on this theme and as far as I remember the idealt time was voted 12-18 minutes - so this was prefered by most readers, but there will be some who like shorter and some who like longer chapters.

also the nuber of lines is really not so important…if you add CC you can easily be on 3000 lines and reader who do not want to customize will be done with it within few seconds of reading time - so the number of lines is not important, the reading time is what counts.


1000 lines might not be a lot, I just took time on my chapter with 3000 lines and it was only four minuts,

but if yours is 8 minuts I would say its fine to end there, but it wont hurt to make it longer

I personally like storie there is around ten minuts.

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In my opinion that’s a lil too much if you have customization or advanced directing in the episode it would stretch it to over 1000 or more lines but a 1000 lines of coding will bore the reader keep it short but sweet darling About 500 I feel hun

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Lines don’t count :blush:
My all CCs are 10k :joy:

I have about 4,000 lines of coding in each of my episodes so I would say don’t base it off of lines haha :sweat_smile:
You should really base it off of dialogue because you can have 5,000 lines of coding but only 100 lines of dialogue. What I do to judge my Episodes length is just do a quick playthrough and time how long it takes me. But yeah it really just depends on the type of coding you’re doing!

my story is 3000 lines, its only 4 minut long. , 500 is not long, its the minimum

also cc is around 3000 lines.

please remeber the the lines is not text only, its animataion, which is usally half of them, then there is background and spot directing, choices music, speech bubble placement, all this can add 1000 lines extra,

I normally don’t find 500 lines long enough since there’s all the coding and spaces, not just dialogue but I can see where you’re coming from, I normally aim for a start of over 1,000 lines but that’s with nice spacing and a lot of separate actions. If the 500 lines is mainly dialogue though then that’s not bad.

500 is not enoug even for very basic directing usually.

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