How many minutes long is an ideal episode?

For you, how many minutes long is an ideal episode?

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Between ten and fifteen


Thanks for the feedback!

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10 to 15
However, if the story is very engaging, I enjoy longer chapters as well.


how many lines is 10-15 minutes though?


I think around 2000 ?

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Well, i currently have 6366 lines and my chapter is 8:20 minutes long, although i do have 4 limited customization templates. So, a lot lol

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2000 maybe 10 minutes top (key word is maybe lol). 15 should be about 3000 lines? That is, if you don’t have any customization and heavy branching

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The number of lines doesn’t really determine the length (time) of an episode. It’s down to how different people code their stories differently.
10-15 minutes is good.

10-15 minuets is what I’d say is the best. Personally don’t like episodes that are too short nor too long. Good luck :purple_heart:

15 minutes is fine.

It depends also on how you code. If you connect all overlay and such in one line or use a separate line for each.

I use the first method and write a 15 minute episode on about 1500 lines :two_hearts:

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i don’t know… I have the tendency to get kind of wordy so I have a little checklist of sorts for myself to know when I need to move on. for me its usually 8-10 minutes, 3-4 scene changes, and 2 choices… and after that I just copy/paste it to the next episode haha

As long as it’s longer than 5 minutes, I like it :joy:

10-16 minutes (about 300-400 lines of dialogue (which is a lot. I know)).

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5-7 minutes…

I’d say around 16 minutes, and definitely between 12-20 minutes. The line length varies a lot though… right now I have a chapter that’s 18 min and 19,000 lines (yay overlays and customization lol) and another that’s 10 min and 2,000 lines (because it’s in spotlight with no customization), so I’d go by minutes instead of lines too.

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