How many minutes should a chapter last?



How long is a ‘good’ episode? I know some can be too long and get boring, and some can be too short and a waste of a pass. How many minutes should a chapter be? Choices included.


Around 10-15 minutes as this is what most people prefer : )

Too long and it can drag on, too short and people will get mad they wasted a pass.


It honestly depends on the story. Usually, I like a 10-15 minute episode. Not too long, but not too short


How many lines would that be? I was having this problem too.


Idk honestly. A lot.


It really depends on your writing style. Some people put spaces between dialogue, some people don’t. Some people condense as many directing commands onto one line as possible but some people like to spread them out. It also depends on your branching/choices/directing.
I’d say you’re looking to have at least 800 lines (no spaces between dialogue, no branching, fairly basic directing), but around 1000 is probably better (but like I said, it really depends on your writing style). I have a spotlight story with basically no directing (and no spaces between dialogue), and I found that 800 lines was around 10 minutes.


Ok thank you! I always do 1000, but I put spaces in between the lines. I was just wondering.


Up to the plot


For me it also depends on the genre

Romance/drama/comedy etc 10-15 minutes is good
But if it were like an action/adventure story, 20+ minutes tickles my pickle


Tickles your pickle…?


Thanks! What’s the maximum of minutes you’d accept for a story? Sorry, if that makes no sense, haha. (I just finished reading Ghostwriter and I loved it so much! The directing and plot was amazing, it was the best thriller I’ve ever read on Episode.)


Ah, for me it honestly depends. I’ve read some stories that were 30 minutes long (per episode) and it didn’t bother me because they were paced well and entertaining. In general, 13-17 minutes would probably be my ideal “range” as a reader.
For my own stories, I try to time them to be around 15 minutes, 20 minutes max however, I’ve been told by readers that they’re a lot longer than that :sweat_smile:.
And thank you so much :smiley:


at least 10 mins


At least 10-15 minutes


You would probably find that those episodes are on the shorter side (I would guess around 7-8 minutes?) but it really depends. Your best bet is to time them :slight_smile:


Ok. Thank you!