How many minutes should my first chapter be?

I just don’t know how long my chapter should be it’s right now around 6 minutes (depends how long the reader takes CC her/his character and the MC ) Because I just really don’t know when to end it and I just want my readers to have the best experience

  • 5 minutes is enough
  • between the 5-10 minutes
  • between the 10-15 minutes
  • above the 20 minutes!
  • as long as it has a cliffhanger
  • with a cliffhanger and around 5-10 minutes
  • with a cliffhanger and around 10-15 minutes
  • with a cliffhanger and above 20 minutes

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Nice poll! I was thinking about that also, but I never thought about counting minutes :thinking::thinking: I thought that authors from the app usually counted the scenes first. Anyways, voted! :kissing_heart:


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