How many of y'all use a kindle fire to write your stories?

I tried using episode on my kindle fire to write my story since it is no longer working on my phone and yes I put in a ticket about the phone just wanted to know if Y’all had any tip for the kindle fire k

I never used it, sorry :heart:

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I used to use a kindle fire to write stories, but it never worked. I don’t know about your kindle, but on mine it never updated, so I just saw really old stories and there are probably only like 12 of them. It has never once worked for me to play a story on it. If you are noticing the same signs- I’m sorry to say that I don’t know if it will ever work.

I had the same problem I tried to write and it when I click on the story it will try to load than an email address would pop up for a support thing with google

Oh yea, to write on episode (at least on the phone) you have to enter your email address for google. Try entering it.

Sry write on Mac laptop and tablet and iphone

Yea my phone app is glitching it saying I must upgrade and I uninstall reinstall it wont let me update I put in a ticket and I’m just waiting.