How many of you are fed up with romance and bad boy cliches?

Hey guys, so I just wanted to rant.

So far, I have read stories in episode for more than 3 years and have come across stories where:

  • Bad boy turns good due to a nerd or innocent girls
  • male gang leader falling for a normal girl
  • and so many others which i am not able to remember right now which are mostly in romance genre.

I personally think people should give more importance to originally written stories and for different genres instead of going in for romance.

  • What do you guys think about this?
  • Do original stories get recognized even if they are not in romance genre?
  • Do you think other stories like in mystery, thriller, fantasy, action and comedy genres should get more recognition?

So, those are the questions I have for you guys. This is not to offend anyone. Just wanted to share and hear others opinion on this.


Someone broke it down on another thread really nicely, I wish I could find the comment but it was something like “People on the forums hate it, people on the app love it”. As long as there is a huge audience for any toxic cliche you can think of writers will turn out the same tired stories and readers will lap them up. I think the reason a majority of readers get the app to begin with is romance and bad boys and gangsters, this is what they came for. When people really like a book or movie they want to see something else just like it. Look at the dystopian boom after hunger games, the vampire boom after Twilight, the zombie boom after The Walking dead, the audience dictates what’s popular and what gets recognition and Episode will continue to bolster what they know will get people to stay on the app.


Tbh i don’t mind reading those kinds of stories, they’re okay, but having to read them is like an overused tissue (sorry for the gross description). They’re nearly identical and what ticks me off most is that many of the Community stories deserve to be featured more than those. That’s another problem: Episode judging the number of reads of a story and not reviewing the personal quality of it.


@LiaMina yeah you’re right i guess i saw about this somewhere but its becoming too much day by day since u see all the new featured stories are romance-centered as far as i know.

@Natasha.Brown1 i feel you sometimes i just get bored to read the same thing again and again. This is actually one of the reason that i dont keep up with rfrs. Nowadays i only do rfr with them if i really like ch 1 of the story and also ask the other person whether they like it too. if yes, then i proceed or else nah.

@HaAnh yeah actually tbh i actually love these story but they are used again and again and again which frustrates me out and u r right there are so many amazing stories i have come across which i honestly feel they should be featured!


I think this was something @Talu said :thinking:


Personally I don’t have a problem with cliché romance stories. I read them and enjoy them based on the story line coz there’s always a thing or two to learn.
Yes they get featured more on the app that’s very true but I believe stories get featured based on how readers respond to them. That’s what readers want to read. It will be lovely for other genres to be featured more on the app too but well like the person @Liamina quoted “on the forums people hate them, but on the app people love them”


I agree. If they see what the majority of their readers want, they are going to feature that. If they feature a genre that doesn’t get as much attention, it’s less likely they will make their money back after they buy it.


Maybe, but I was referring to this:


Personally I never grow tired of romance stories my issue is how it’s handled, I like a more developed romance and not the “omg the other person is so hot”.
I’m not a fan of bad boy stories as most of the time they are just straight up a-holes.
I definitely think other genres should get more recognition, there are such great stories out there and if the app already has those different genres then they should promote those a lot more too.

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I’m more fed up on how many topics there are about this than the actual thing :ok_hand:


For me it depends. I don’t mine some cliches as long as they’re not the only thing in the storyline. Like if it has an original storyline with some cliches embedded, that’s fine, but if the whole storyline is a cliche it does kind of bother me.

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I totally get what you mean but I absolutely LOVE romance but I prefer more unique topics.
The main thing that bothered me is these toxic, borderline abusive relationships should not be exposed to young girls. These young girls are impressionable and could grow up thinking that is love/romantic.