How Many Siblings Do You Have? 🎡

I don’t know if I’m the only one but sometimes when I meet Forumers for the first time, I usually assume they are a single child until I find out otherwise. This also happens to me in regards to America, I think people are from the U.S until I find out they are not :thinking: :heart:


Nope I’m not talking about your Forum family or people you met over the internet (I do consider them family though and I love them a lot) :heart: I mean in your life, bound somehow by blood (sorry if this sounds creepy); how many brothers or sisters or step brothers or step sisters or adopted siblings do you have? Are you the youngest, middle or eldest? Do you get along with them? Any other thoughts on this? Feel free to show your siblings some love whether they know you are on Episode or not :partying_face:

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OK, I’ll start = I have 1 brother and 1 sister :hibiscus:


I have two younger sisters, which makes me the eldest child. One’s like three years younger than me, and I have a seven year age gap with the youngest one.

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I’m the oldest! I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

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I love questions like this because I love the response I get back.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister on my mother side.
We get along quite well. I’m the youngest.
We fight a lot lol, but I think that’s normal. All love for them though :yellow_heart:

Now for the funny part.
I have 11 siblings on my father side. He’s a hoe.
I get along with four of them. They all live in different states so we aren’t that close lol.
I’m the youngest, and the oldest :joy:
All love for them as well. Even though I only know some of them. (4)


i have 4 siblings! one ‘blood’ sibling and three ‘half’ siblings. we never act like it though. i’m the youngest (ugh). i fight with my brother most, but in a normal sibling way, we have the least amount of age difference (8 years), he’s my mothers and fathers child. the three others are my fathers and his ex wife who… wasn’t a good mother to them. my two oldest siblings (brothers) are who i’m close with the least. my sister (the middle) is someone i fight with but get along with,

Two sisters

One brothers

I have three “blood” sisters, so there’s always some type of drama going on at my house. I’m pretty much the second youngest/third oldest, but I could by considered the youngest, too. I’m a fraternal twin ( me and my twin look nothing alike. she has brown hair, i have blonde hair. she has brown eyes, i have blue eyes. she’s short, i’m tall ). I was born thirty minutes before my twin, so I’m the older one :wink:

I’m the youngest sadly, I have 2 older brothers :sob:

WOW, I always think this too!

I have one sister. She’s two years younger than me.

And she doesn’t… but the other week I considered briefly telling her for a split second and then I thought mmmm better not


I have 3 sisters that I live with and a step brother. My dad has a bunch of kids. His wife has 4-5 children :joy: I have alot of half siblings but technically I’m and only child. I’m the second oldest child of my 3 sistersI live with.

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1 brother :heart::heart::heart:

One brother and two sisters :revolving_hearts:

I have three sisters… I love them but I am a major tomboy, I want a brother :sob::joy:

I have 3 younger siblings & 1 older one.

I have an older sister and younger brother. I’m not that close with my sister but my little bro and I are like this :crossed_fingers::heart::tulip:

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I’ve got two older sisters!

Had a brother and a sister

I have 4 siblings - all sisters
I’m the oldest and the youngest is 10 years younger than me

2 younger bros 1 older . only girl

Just one…:neutral_face: