How many siblings do you have? 🥵

Hiya guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…So I was thinking (like always! :joy:)
How many siblings do ya have?
So I have three siblings and…Its realy like realy hard to be in quarantine with them!

So tell me how many siblings do you have and how do you deal with them in quarantine?
So I have a same room with my sister and I CANT TAKE IT!
I am the oldest of all siblings so ya know…(only oldest understand)
We have it realy hard AND DURING CORONA HARDER!

Tell me:

  • How many siblings do you have
  • How do you deal with them during quarantine
  • If you are the oldest tell me some example :joy:

Thank you :slight_smile:



1st one is 2yrs younger than me…so basicallyy we fight a lot :unamused:
But there are sometimes we do get along…
Also i am the one who she tells all of her movue and series addiction too haha

The other one is just 3 yr old…me being the eldest…i hav to take care of him (which includes playing with him bathing him feeding him and all)
I love to do that…although he is extremely naughty and makes me very tired (coz i hav to run after him )…i miss him even if i go out for a few hours…

Booo #1 u hav to take blame for all ughhh so annoting i know :unamused:

And hoho i enjoyed a lott


I have 2 - 1 brother & 1 sister!

I always fight with my little brother he’s 10 years old and i’m 15 :joy:
My sister is 2 years old!

I don’t know… My brother is a Scorpio so yeaah we always fight :joy:


I have just a brother!

We don’t fight a lot! Yeah we don’t, he’s elder to me by 5 years and stays at hostel for half the week!

we both fight with our parents instead lol :joy:

During quarantine I didn’t have to deal much of problems cause we share a good bond!


Is it just me or I have a twin family :joy:
I just have a nother brother :open_mouth: SAME HERE

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hhaaha :rofl: |

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What am I doing here I’m an only child :skull:

  • How much siblings do you have
  • How do you deal with them during quarantine
    I dont, we havent lived togheter in over ten years, I am 25
  • If you are the oldest tell me some example :joy:
    I am the youngest
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Lol Same! Regardless I’m still going through the replies :upside_down_face:

I have twin cousins though and they’re super annoying. :roll_eyes:


Omg same! I have a cousin brother and can justify that they can sometimes be as bad as siblings :stuck_out_tongue:


I would be here too

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I’ve got 6 siblings. And I’m the oldest. Ahhh, I don’t really need to deal with them, as I don’t live with them and haven’t for… 8 years? 9? Something like that! From what I hear though, it’s a war one there.


How much siblings do ya have? -2. Sister & Brother

So tell me how much siblings do you have and how do you deal with them in quarantine? -I have no idea…

If you are the oldest tell me some example :joy: -I’m the oldest, but unlike some other siblings I don’t share a space with my siblings. Um, it’s not hard, I just hate all the expectations especially for my age and time :sweat_smile:

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I have 5 siblings: 1 sister and 4 little brothers.
Quarantine helped me bond with my little sister more, closer than ever before. Though I can’t say that about boys, they’re so so annoying, lots of arguments and fights everyday.

As an oldest I had to grow up faster than my friends and had to be around children all the time.
Also having brothers that are 12 & 15 years younger means always being mistaken as a young mother.


Like it happens to me so much times.
I go out with my 3 year old brother and (like everywone thinks I am the mom :joy:)

Once my lil brother said hi to some old man and I said hi too.
They were talking…and the man said Are you listening to your mommy?

I was so embaressed :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


How many. Not how much. So the question should be “How many siblings do you have?” @Rilley_writesSTORIES

Many is for countable things like people. Much is for uncountable things such as “How much water should I pour?”

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Samee :joy:

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I have 2 siblings and I get along with my sister most of the time but she sometimes dislikes me for no reason. So that can be hard and I hate my brother. My mum blaming me for something as always and he said she should just starve me. Plus he has disgusting views in general. Yet this guy is becoming a teacher. :woman_facepalming:

And I am not the oldest but I definitely have it worse because he is a guy therefore my mother thinks he can do no wrong. And as a girl I have been expected to do much more than he ever will. :woman_shrugging:


Six. Three of which I didn’t even know were my siblings until recently. I only regularly speak to 1/6 though. I used to have more siblings but… yeah deaths happen.

Anyways, I know I have a lot of siblings but I’ve lived most of my life as an only child. I’m a lot younger than my siblings and most of them live abroad.


I have 2 siblings, one is 6 years old and the other is 12! And I am 17, the oldest one :sob:

I have got my own room just for study purposes but 3 sleep together all the time its just so much fun laughing and gossiping until all of us fall asleep. Thankfully, both of them fear me so it isn’t hard for me and I also (try to) keep a distance from them because I have my own studies but they interrupt me all the time they both fight with each other a lot so every night I have to be the peacemaker lol. I also have to protect them from my abusive dad (now that our city is on lockdown again its really hard). Overall I have got a responsibilities because of them, but I don’t mind because I love them both so much, they are the reason I want to live fights happen but they know I’m always right haha :blob_hearts:

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