How many tabs do yall have open?

Thought this would be a fun thing to share :upside_down_face:

I have 17 rn on my laptop and 1 on my phone.


eight if you include my school laptop right next to me lmao

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37 on my laptop
34 on my school computer
14 on my phone
13 on my desk top
TOTAL: 98 tabs

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lol rn i only have 4 but like 7 on my phone

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Oh my god! I could never hahahahah :sweat_smile: when I have more than 15 tabs, I feel incomfortable and it stresses me out! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


How? just how hahahaha :rofl:

Lmao. I have like 7 writers portal tabs and I have to keep clicking to find the right one :joy:


Omg, this is so accurate! I have like all of my chapters open to check back some informations hahahha :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:

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I multitask assignments and then the other tabs are just things I can probably close but just haven’t gotten around to yet :sweat_smile:

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hahahahhah loll :)) For my part, I close all the tabs I don’t need to relax my mind a little hahaha and sometimes I even close by accident some usefull tabs… :slight_smile: loll :sweat_smile:

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That’s why I love the tab history…I can just open them all again

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I literally will shut down if I have too many tabs. It stresses me out like nothing else.

My taskbar has at least 10 different word documents and now I’m getting freaked out about it. :disappointed_relieved:

My phone never has more than three tabs though, I repeatedly close them. It’s good because I feel organized but it’s bad because I always end up closing my music or the Episode app and have to reboot it.

LMAO like 6 tabs and 10 bookmarks…that’s probably why my computer sucks :sob: :sob:

I have 3 atm but before when I was writing my reveal entry, it stayed at about 15-20 tabs just opened and constantly switched between for months :eyes: :eyes:

I have 17 on my phone rn but I just deleted some today. It was literally mostly anime tho :joy:

4 on my iPad and I think one on my phone I don’t really like having too much open

girl :skull:

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