How many times a week do Americans have English lessons?

i’m writing a story set in america, but i’m british. how many days a week do american seniors in high school have english lessons?


Do you mean English literature?

yeah. do you also do english language? if so, is it the same teacher as you have for literature? and how often are you taught this as well?

We learn it
Everday bc its usually my first period

cool, thanks! :relaxed:

Of course

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Hi there! So we have different levels of English for different grades. Junior year of high school is English language were we Lear about different time periods of English writing, and we have to get into the styles of writing. Senior year we have English literature we’re we have to dissect the themes of the story through symbolism. It depends on the school you go to for how many days a week you have English class. Many schools have each class everyday. However my school has four classes a day on and A/B day schedule so we have English every other day. I hope this helps, although it maybe a little confusing…

I’m always willing to help out if you have any further questions!


Yeah it’s different for all schools. I have blocked scheduling so I have it every other day.


this was a really useful reply, thank you! :yellow_heart:

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if it’s a highschool with block schedule every other day :slight_smile:

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