How many users here are tablet users?

I know tablet users hate when something is offscreen in a story, which makes it inacessible to read. I just wanna know since I do wanna be considerate to all users. Though it does seem like all the tablet users I’ve seen on these forums are inactive, so what about the active (or at least, are still on these forums) ones? Who [still] uses a tablet to read Episode stories? How many stories on Episode have you read that were actually fit for you guys?

And isn’t it weird how you can upload backgrounds for a phone at a minimum of 640 × 1136, but not for a tablet at a minimum of 320 x 560? What’s up with that?


I’m a tablet user ^^ The grand majority of stories I’ve read have been readable (I’m still able to click on an overlay even if it is a bit off-screen) though often the warning overlays in the intro are off-screen, which I don’t mind. There’s only a few stories I’ve read that have dialogue be completely unreadable and the character’s face being off-screen.

I’m not sure about other tablet users, but for my case, the top and bottom of the actual screen is cut off while the sides are kept the same. I wish that the actual screen would be smaller and have the sides be filled black instead of cropping the top and bottom out. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I’m both ! Because my phone is android and my tablet is apple, I need to have two accounts (which is annoying but heh).

I prefer to read on my phone, but sometimes i’ll read on my tablet and I rarely have trouble unless the directing is really bad. Like lisaaudrey said, some overlays are cropped, especially if they’re on top of the screen (like some titles sometimes). On rare occasions I had cropped speech bubble I think.

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