How many views do story contests add?

If I enter my story in the Reveal contest does that usually add thousands of views or does it not really affect it? And does it only really affect the story views if it wins the contest?

How many people go searching for contest stories specifically because they’re enrolled in the contest?


It honestly depends to be honest. A lot of people tend to read contest stories in order to help boost them to the 100 reads count requirement. It won’t guarantee you’ll get a thousand because you’ll need to promote your story in order to get more views. If your story goes on to win the contest, it’ll be placed on a shelf which will help give it more notice by a larger group of people.

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not really, only if you win. els it wont really do anything. you will still struggle to get read. at lot of people will help to get you up to the 100 you . but unfortently that is still only a 100 reads. if you even get that

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