How many views you get with you 1st story?

…you should believe in yourself…and thankyou for sharing it with me :pleading_face:

I forget exactly when I had posted my story but I think it was like a month ago now and I have like 60 reads but I didn’t promote much at first and then did a lot then stopped for a little bit I really recommend r4r tho

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The majority of stories that are popular that I’ve read, the grammar nearly made my eyes bleed, but it is good to have good grammar all the same.

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Exactly. That is the best advice. The most important thing is letting people know your story exists and letting it stand out, with heavy duty promoting. If big review teams do a public review, then their 15k+ followers see the review and the story. A small author went from about 20k reads for 50 episodes to over 1 million in only a few months, cos the big review team adored her.


Yeah…I will do r4r :relaxed:

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