How much chapters is too much for a new story?

I am hoping to release my new story in the following week, it already has 20 chapters, and I need your help with how much to release at first.

  • All 20 chapters at once
  • 10 chapters at first, then release the rest in bundles
  • 3 chapters at first, then release the rest in bundles

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wow 20. that is really impressive.

personally I would do 3 first. and then release them in bundles it would give you time to look them over before release to see that you did not make mistakes in it. like wrong layer or spot in the middle of a wall. or other stuff

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I’ve started the story in January, I’ve proof read all the chapters, I might release 6 and then 3 chapters every week after that.


If you wanna release it all at once, realse it. Since majority don’t buy passes but wait for the refill, I think it would be better to release 4-5 episodes first


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It took me over a year and I realised the whole story of mine finished and complete 28 chapters

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