How much do you pay for backgrounds?

I found an artist that has never heard of episode but they agreed to let me commission their piece that they already have made and on their website (with a watermark). She’s unsure what to charge me and I’ve never paid for one before.

What do y’all charge/ pay for backgrounds?



Is it a background or a art drawing for like a cover?

background not art cover

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Okay, I paid just 5 US dollars for access to a google drive folder with many backgrounds and overlays…so if you’re only getting one background I feel like less than 10 dollars would be good but i don’t know though since i am not an artist!

As long as you aren’t using Episode backgrounds/assets, then you are good to go, if you are using them, then you may need to find different backgrounds to use because it is not allowed.

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Thank you so much! She usually charges $200 to do a full custom photo from scratch so I know it’s gonna be more similar to prices of art scenes rather than a background, but this helps me put it into perspective!

Her art is on Art Station and her name is Amber - anSD from Karachi, Pakistan in case you or anyone else is wondering.


I’m confused on what you mean by this. I found an artist who did a digital art, I’m paying them for the art, and I have permission to use their background. Why would this not be allowed?

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Also, why would Episode provide the backgrounds if we’re not allowed to use them? I don’t think I understand your comment.

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The artist’s has their own backgrounds right? Since you said the artist never heard of Episode, so if you have told the artist about Episode, and if you are using Episode’s backgrounds for the commission then it is not allowed. If you are not using Episode backgrounds/assets then you are good to go.

If you are talking about something else where the artist get backgrounds from a different site, then your okay to charge/pay.

Episode, do NOT allow their assets to be commissioned, because they mentioned it and stated it in their thread, and this is their company and their assets. We can use their backgrounds for editing (meaning editing on the background with adding episode characters, texts, and more but do not commission when you are editing backgrounds and selling it), stories, pfp, etc. but the only thing that we are NOT ALLOWED to do, is use their assets for commissions to get money from it. It’s their terms/rules.

I think you got confused by my post. I’m not selling any images for commission.
Just to be clear: I am the one paying money to an artist. I am not trying to rip off Episode’s backgrounds as you are insinuating.

Also, I’m not trying to sound rude but it’s not your business if I told the artist about Episode or not or how I contacted this artist in the first place. It’s not related to my post at all. My question was never if I was allowed to use Episode art. I was trying to negotiate a price with a completely separate artist and was looking for pricing references from others who had purchased backgrounds before.
I understand you’re trying to be helpful but it’s infuriating to get comments like these. I really don’t need anyone to police what I can and cannot use. I’m capable of that on my own.

If you’ve purchased any backgrounds and have a price reference for me, thank you. Otherwise no thank you for any other advice you’re going to give.

Hey! I think what the other person meant by their comment was questioning if the artist was editing Episode’s work, but I could be wrong, no harm or accusations, just a miscommunication : ). Like the other user said, if it’s a standard background probably no more than a few bucks. You could explain to the artist what Episode is and how their work would be used, and maybe that would help them gauge a price they would be comfortable with!


Nah, you weren’t wrong. You are correct.

Now I understand that you were talking about yourself than the artist. :thinking: Yeah, I was confused, but anyway.

That’s a good idea. :thinking:

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I understand that they were trying to help, but making accusations isn’t okay. Also, it’s no one’s business what I told the artist about Episode. Of course I told them how their art was being used and I even got permission to cut overlays from it and offered to send them my story when/ if I publish. But the other replier here isn’t the art police and doesn’t need to be questioning people about private conversations with artists when it wasn’t related to my post at all. This happens quite a lot to me where people don’t answer the question I ask but feel entitled to question me about if I’m doing the right thing. I hope you can see why was upset.

I do understand, but from an outside perspective I think this whole conversation was a misunderstanding with the other user : ) I hope you have good luck with your artist/story <3

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Definitely, a misunderstanding. But, anyway, @SamiMichelle I apologize. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

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If the piece in question is being sold by the artist already, then from my perspective of purchasing commissioned art work in the past (not backgrounds as I’ve never bought those, but have bought art) usually an artist would charge more for granting someone the use of their work on episode.

This is because, to use anything on episode it must be free for commercial use. And lots of artists take this into consideration and then add on an additional fee for its use in a commercial purpose.

It’s not really easy to give a definitive answer on how much the artist should charge as it’s tricky and depends on the quality of art, depth of detail, time spent on it, style and lots of other things. So generally, I would suggest speaking with the artist and asking what they would want for the piece, and seeing if you two are able to agree a fee.


This is a great reply! We decided on a price that was higher than what I would’ve paid for a background from an artist who was making it for Episode as expected. I’m just glad that the price we talked about wasn’t below what other have paid because otherwise o would’ve felt like I ripped them off.

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No. Commission is diffrent from acces eveyone can have. You paid for something eveyone can have. She is paying for an exclusive background only for her to use.

I have a friend who do background art concepts for movies and video games they sell for 500 dollers a piece.

Dependong on how difficult and detailed the background is the proce can very alot.


Oh yes you’re absolutely right!!

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Recently over 39.99

In total probably 100 dollars, but the backgrounds are beautiful are worth it!