How much does it cost for Art?

I’m new to episode and I wanted to know how much good quality cover art is? I don’t plan on publishing my story for a while yet, but it will be good to know how much art will be or does it depend on the person? I don’t have any money at all and the ones that are free, that I have found, are not exactly what I’m looking for and I know I shouldn’t be picky because Artist’s spend a lot of time on their art and it would be disrespectful of me to suddenly ask them to do something that they do not offer or way out of their expertise,
If someone could let me know how much realistic cover art is that would be a huge help,
Thank you x


I’m a realism artist myself and I have commissioned another one in the past because I prefer to have others do it so I can focus on writing but the realism price range is $300+ AUD per piece. Other artists tend to charge anywhere between $80—$200+ USD for semi-realism or anime styles varying depending on the artist’s popularity, whether you want a background, how many characters, what type of shading etc. :full_moon_with_face::heart: Prices are also higher for Episode covers because they’re considered “commercial” commissions rather than personal (which are cheaper).

But really good art will normally always be in the hundreds of dollars. :sweat_smile:

Of course, there are some artists who charge a lot less and other who charge a lot more. I’ve paid an anime artists about $110-120 AUD for a 5 character artwork (it’s the price she asked for) and another artists who had a different style (and it was not realism nor semi-realism) wanted to charge me over $400 AUD for 2 characters and I decided I didn’t want to go through with it because the price was too high to me. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Here’s a list I have of other artists’ Instagram pages and emails:

It honestly depends on the artist.
The commission artist I usually go to (@/ZamiraArts) has very reasonable prices, for example,

Semi Realistic: Head $15, Part Body $25, Full Body $30 (per character I think)

But then there are other artists who charge a little less or a little more than that. If it helps, you could just find commission artists through Instagram by looking at people’s tagged to see the tagged artist.

Depends on the artist for sure. I know great artists who do reasonable prices

And when I open commissions in the summer, I would charge $3-15 USD for portrait-full body in semi-realistic/realistic

So yeah, I don’t think that good art is always expensive. Depends on your taste and the person.

It honestly just depends on the artist and their popularity, the more popular they are, the probably more expensive it’ll get because they’ll still get sales from at least one person most of the time. Less popular artists charge between $10+, usually the semi realism stuff starts at $25 for less popular artists. You should also take the amount of time the artist spends on an art piece, they would probably feel the need to increase their price if they spent like an entire day on the piece for like $15 (which is understandable). I do semi realism myself and my price starts at $25.

If you ever need a piece doll I charge 5 for a bust photo and 10 for a pfp and i do close realism art

I like to keep it cheap for the convenience of episode authors


Hey, I can help you, i take 25-50 USD, you can check my art style-
DM me if you are interested.

Here are my examples for realistic :heart:

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It completely depends on the artist and styles you’re looking for.

I have commissioned several artists through Instagram all at varying prices. I’ve also been in touch with others regarding their fees for future works.

If you’re looking at a more realistic style, then the price tends to be higher. And if the artist is a professional and their work is of very high standard, then (also depending on amount of body showing/characters/details) you’re looking at anywhere really from $60-$300 etc. It’s such a huge variation.
Also you will find that some well known/professional artists charge a percentage on top for allowing it to be used commercially (in episode in other words) this tends to be 20-30% but again can be more.

Searching Instagram, you are likely to find a higher fee, as those artists are professionals who usually make art as a job, or sideline and have lots of experience, where as artists on here mostly do it as a hobby, or are still learning. That’s not to say there isn’t good artists on here of course.

My suggestion is to get together your information that you have for your cover design you want, and then contact the artist that you’d like to commission and make a query. Ask them politely what they would charge for it, and see if that is a budget you can manage.

Again, not saying you would do this, but Do NOT attempt to barter the cost down, or say it’s too high would you take $X instead/ payment in smaller amounts etc. This won’t work with professionals and is just rude.


Hey there, I don’t know if you are looking for an artist but I am happy to do it for free. I do many styles of art and for many different people but this would be my first for episode. I would love to have a chat with you and give you examples of my work. You can DM me on Instagram @braelynn_johnson. I keep my account private usually so please reply on here first. Thank you, I hope we get to work together!

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I would love to see some of your art work. Loads of stuff is going round Instagram about me for some reason so I haven’t been on, I’m going to go follow you now :slight_smile:

are u still looking for one?


Can u pay?

Not yet, I have to open a bank account and stuff like that first

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