How much 'gore' is allowed?

Hi guys!
I have a very detailed story with advanced overlays and coding as it is an assassination story with quite a bit of torture and ‘gore’. i have just coded a scene where a character is impaled by a pool cue and i am about to write a torture scene for another character that has to do with a knife and his hand…

i will give readers the option to view it or skip it but there’s like an 110% chance episode will not accept it. What’s the guidelines in that area? I would really love to keep them in for mature audiences but i understand why they wouldn’t allow it.

This is my story and the torture doesn’t start till about episode 4

There can’t be too much blood or violence. You’d have to be very creative with what you include for any of the scenes you’ve listed. If the scene is an absolute must for your story’s progression, you’ll have to have the violence off-screen, with just the dialogue. (Assuming the point of the scene is to gather information.)

Here’s a link to the guideline you’re asking about:

And a link that should clear up any unclear info:

Episode is technically marketed and categorized as an app for young teens, which is why the guidelines are so strict. (Despite Episode themselves having broken their own guidelines several times.) However, you should be safe using dialogue to imply what the scenes are intended to show.

Hope my reply helps! : )

Edit: I didn’t know this, but as @/Mi_writes stated, even the implication is against guidelines? For an app all about creativity, we’re very limited with what can and can’t be written/shown. : /


You won’t get away with any real gore or violence scene… the app is 13+
Darcy in wonderland, by Silverbow. She had a scene, a sword through the neck, it was brilliantly coded too, but she had to take it out of her story.
Any overlays you put in for approval that have gory scene, wouldn’t be approved either.
Some authors have had their stories banned in the past too.
Older stories on the app, you will find got away with a lot more, but not anymore.
Ref violence, you’re not allowed to show Blood, Bodies, Weapons in the same scene. You cant use excessive blood overlays either


Any scene that even implies torture (not shown) will get you flagged and you have to remove it. I had a scene where I implied it by showing a character on the chair and another one with syringe and I tried twice with changes - finally, they didn’t allow any of it. So for your own sake, don’t add scenes like that.
It’s different to show the blood overlays, and it’s different when you really want to write a torture scene and show it to the audience - with or without a skip.


thank you all for the help x