How Much Money Do You Think You Spend on Episode per Month?

I recently just found out that a lot more people than I thought spends money on gems or passes for Episode. And It made me curious.

Do you spend money on Episode?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you answered yes, how much do you think you spend per month?
  • More than $10
  • ≈$10
  • Less than $10
  • Other (Specify in Comments)

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Personally I’ve never spent money on the app (except once to unlock community stories lol). If I had money like that, I might tho.


I have so many saved gems from reading featured stories and not spending any :cowboy_hat_face:


“How much money do you think, you send on Episode permonth?”
Me: Why would waste my money on Episode when bills and other things are more important than Episode? XD ;.;


I don’t buy gems/passes or anything similar because =

a) they don’t last very long quite often
b) I’m relying on authors not adding many gems just because they want to trend higher
c) they’re too expensive

& I agree with @lanafrazer_episode, I have better/more important things to spend my money/savings on (:


This!!! :point_up:t5: :point_up:t5: :point_up:t5: :point_up:t5: :point_up:t5:


The only reason people feel the need to spend money on episode is because authors want to =

a) trend higher
b) unlock the writers payment

I don’t understand the point to be completely honest which is why in my stories you’ll only find ‘Support the Author’ choices since I’m not too interested in unlocking payment or trending so high (:

As long as people who read enjoy my stories, I don’t really care about its trending number (:


I just started writing so I have not really had a reason to so far


I ain’t wasting my money on no big author who ain’t gone waste there money on me or help support me…especially if there already trending…you can call me selfish but I just don’t find it right to spend money on authors who look down on smaller authors. (NOT ALL BIG AUTHORS but SOME!!)


If I could I would. But I need a job for that, and I’m underage and I’m not asking the parents because they would probably say no and I don’t think they like episode that much.


I agree, big author’s aren’t superior!

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I like your mindset! It’s positive.


SAME HERE :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:


So… am I the only one that spend money on Episode to support new authors who haven’t unlocked the payment or didn’t got their story ranked?! :skull:

Edit: I spend $22.25 USD per month but due to COVID I stopped it. Pockets got right Bruh :joy: Also my iPhone gave up on me LIFE!!! but I will start earning soon so yeah I will start buying tickets and Passes to support new authors!!


I spend about 7.99 AUD on Episode per month.

I used to spend 14.99 AUD per month on unlimited passes but since they’ve taken that deal away, I only spend them on the cheaper ticket deals if I’m really invested in a story and want more.
Most of the time I have ads to cut down wait time so I don’t have to spend money for more passes.
I have over 1k gems but I only spend my gems very sparingly, typically only on stories I really, really enjoy (community stories, not Originals) and even then, I will normally support them once or twice or pay for early release once or twice. :hear_no_evil:

But when it comes to spending money on assets and whatnot for my own stories… well that’s totally different and it’s gone beyond 3k AUD. :skull:
Most of that has gone to 3D assets and art commissions.


I just tap through featured stories when they give me those unlimited passes on that story and get a bun of gems, I have like 152 from not spending any. Idk why


I thought people who spent money per month :scream: were a minority :scream:

I’m with you, us poor folk will stick to free, $0 on Episode :joy: :lol: they are expensive but like others on this thread mentioned, there are a bunch of reasons why people won’t spend money.


I don’t think I’ve ever spent money on episode, and I honestly don’t plan to :running_man:
The only time I considered spending money was back when they had the $10 ad-free/unlimited pass deal


The only time I spent money was years ago for unlimited passes for two hours, or something like that. Not anymore though, and when I spent money it was only twice.

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I ain’t to spending any money on Episode beacuse they should have ways of earning gems instead reading those boring featured stories and paying a huge amount of euros (the currency i use in my country) just a for a few choices. You probably spent 60-70 on 1 featured story.
Since they are is a sale on,
Here are the prices in my currency:
60 gems(50) is €5.44
125 gems (100) is €10.92 and for
260 gems (200) is €22.44
675 gems (500) is €56.11
But good poll and topic tho.


Thank u (:

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