How Much Money Do You Think You Spend on Episode per Month?

I don’t read the gem stories just bc I hate the gem choices :neutral_face: plus there’s other’s that are non gem choices that I can enjoy :blush: but I used to spent a lot of money on gem choices when I was alot younger not no mo tho :smiley:


During the summer of 2020 I used to spend $10 to read episodes pass free for a month. I’ve actually done that back to back 3 times, so episode has gotten $30 out of me. However, with their new “episode vip” trying to charge $15 for pass free reading got me cringing. They fumbled the bag with that update and I haven’t spent anything on episode since then.

-And now that I think back on it, I don’t see any real value from spending money on episode. It’s just a game at the end of the day. :skull:

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I’m starting to write on episode and I feel that exact same way. As someone who hated seeing gems in episodes “original” stories and moved to the community side, and they are now on there too, I’m just going to stray away from gems. It’s not like I care about getting paid or being “trendy”, this is literally a hobby to me. :rofl: