How much should my commissions cost?

SO i am broke as fack and I thought hmm how about art commissions?

so then i was wondering hmmm what should the price be… and that brough me here.

my style is like uhhh faux anime?? idkfdkjfk the wonky eyes are sending me. i really thought I did something crossing over artstyles :yum:

also if you have any other opinions about the art/like if you think it isn’t commission worthy- please let me know thank youu :pray:


i did NOT draw the background btw !!


I’d say a solid 7-10 USD for wasit up, lovely art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think your art is really beautiful and unique. I think you could go 15-20 USD easily for that level of quality, waist up. I would even say more, but on the forums it can be tough to go much higher. It’s just connecting with people who will want to pay. I would say post here and on Instagram as well if you can. Good luck, I’m in the same boat as well :smiling_face_with_tear:


Your art is beautiful. You should charge based off the # of characters and what body parts are included.

ex. $7 for 1 character from the neck up.

You should charge more for each extra character, assuming you draw at least 2 in one portrait.

ex. $5 extra for each character addition.

And you should also charge a few bucks more based off how much body of the character you’re drawing.

ex. $5 for the waist up, $8-10 for full body.

And once you start to receive more business, you can up your prices if you need/want.

Wish you luck! :two_hearts:

(P.S. your art is definitely commission worthy!)


Your style is very cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And for your level of expertise, I’d say:

• Between $5 - $7 for: Headshot.
• Between $8 - $10 for: Bust Up + $4 per additional character.
• Between $12 - $15 for: Half Body + $6 per additional character.
• $20 for: Full Body + $8 - $10 per additional character.


Your art is beautiful! Here are my suggestions:

  • Headshot=$6

  • Bust Up=$9 ($5 for each additional character)

  • Half Body=$12 ($9 for each additional character)

  • 3/4=$15 ($11 for each additional character)

  • Full Body=$18 ($14 for additional character)

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I agree with @ / Episode_Rayna . and your art is cute af :star: :heartpulse:


@gmuffen @Faintest @TheLexi @StoriesByRayna @Raitlyn @maandy thank you so much you guys aaaaa :blob_hearts: i now have a good idea as to what to price my comms :heartpulse: :pray: