How much swearing is allowed?

I am aware that we are only allowed to use the f word up to 5 times per episode. Does anyone know how many times we can use the word “ass” and “shit”? Does “damn” count as a swear word also? Do those need to be censored ? My main question is if we can, how many times can we use them. I don’t want my story to have too much swearing in it, but it does contain these words. If anyone knows please let me know!

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Maybe keep them to a minimum of 3-5 just to be safe :woman_shrugging:t4:


Thank you! do you know if we can use the “s” word and “a” word at all? even if its censored?

You can use it like this:

Sh* t or sh**/ a*s or a**

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Thank you so much !!

No problem :blush:

This was so useful! Thanks :grin:

lol no problem :slight_smile:

Also you can’t have “f*ck” used in the context of sex. I got pulled up for it when I was reviewed lol ^^

i already posted a topic on this a few minutes ago.
I want to know if this is too much swearing, also do i need to censor “slut”?
they are not used in a sexual way.
But can anyone tell me if this is okay?
this is in one episode.
“damn” 2x uncensored
“fck" 1x censored, i added a *
t” 1x censored, i added a *
“a*s” 1x censored, i added a *
“slut” 1x uncensored

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I think it’s not too much, I use a lot of swearing too, and it’s all fine, but you should probably censor slut

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thank you ! <3

my character can’t not swear to save life…

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