How much time do you need?


Hey! How much time do you spend on writing one episode?
I’m trying to write at least one hour a day because I want to get further in my story, but I think that’s not enough.
Do you have a schedule of how much to write in a week or something?
I’m new to writing stories so I don’t really have much experience with all of this :confused:


The first episode i made which was 1000 lines it took me 6 hours i sat at my laptop the whole day lol


What story did you write?


Its not that great but “She was the player” the other which is my favorite “Inseparable”


Okay I’ll try to read it


Lol.My first episode took me about 2 days. 5th episode,I’m still.writing it,I think for now It took me 5-6 days and I’m not even close to ending it.Because I have a lot of if/else choices in it.And I’m writing 3-4-5 hours each day


I tend to obsess over details, so I’m really slow. I just don’t want to release my story while it still has errors or things that could be improved visually.

I’ll probably set myself a regular schedule soon, though. I’m working full time so I really only have time to work on this stuff in my free time. Right now I tend to sit for like 3-6 hours at a time and write, and I’m barely done with chapter 2. (Though, to be fair, I’m being pretty ambitious for my first story, the directing is taking forever and I’m still learning the program!)

I think maybe 5-12 hours of work a week is a good amount to dedicate to a story, if you’re trying to get out regular updates.


I took almost a full year before I even published it, but I spend probably 24 hours spread through a week to finish one