How much time do you spend writing?

Just curious about how much time you guys spend writing in one sitting. Usually, in one sitting, I’d probably spend an hour. Right now because of LDR, I take about 2-4 hours (in which case, my back starts to hurt soooo bad). And do you write every day?


I can spend the entire day writing :sweat_smile:with breaks, of course. I don’t write every day, others I spend editing, or reading a book.


Hello, I might sound very very slow but I’ve been stuck on a chapter for more than a month right now hahahah (because of school and my outside-of-episode life you know :sweat_smile:)
But I would say, I usually spent 2 days to complete a chapter (I ususally write all day long) So yesh, I’m pretty slow… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
When I say all day long, I do eat and sleep, don’t worry hehee


gosh, with school and everything i would start writing in the morning for like about 5 minutes before i get onto the bus and when i get home i’ll do my homework then start writing.

so i would start around 2pm then finish either 11pm so…10hrs and if it would be the weekends i would just write all day


I’m stuck on this one scene for like 2 weeks now :sob: and I’m just so.frustrated.

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