How much time does Episode take to review a story that has rank below #100?

Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me approximately how much time does it take for Episode to review your story once it has a rank below #100 ? So it’s been a few weeks (I think 3 weeks now) that my story was in #44 in the Romance genre. And I wasn’t even aware of the fact that something like a review by Episode even existed. A friend told me about it and since then I have been wondering if there is a particular time limit within which Episode reviews your story after it has reached the requisite rank? Like should I write to them about it or something? Or their taking this much time to review my story is completely normal?

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When I was waiting for my story to be reviewed, it wouldn’t drop below rank #101 (even though it should have been lower than that). Are you sure yours hasn’t been reviewed? It doesn’t show on the trending? (I know a couple people who never received the emails, but their stories then showed up on the genre trending ranks)

Otherwise- I believe it varies like waiting for approvals. I’ve seen “big” authors (whose stories easily would have hit the top 100) wait weeks. I waited 4 days.

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Thanks for writing back! Okay so to be honest I never really tried checking. A friend only recently told me to check the trending section but then by that time my rank had already dropped to like 500 something :joy::joy: So I thought maybe I’ll just wait till my next update and then check the trending section and hopefully find my story there :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4: